Keyshot Test Rendering

I’ve been experimenting a little with Keyshot recently, I usually go with Vray however wanted to learn a little keyshot as it’s on the way to being released with the Latest Zbrush. I have used it before for fast preview results to show to clients though I’ve never attempted full …


Dr. Martens Motorbike Boot

I worked on a CGI video for Dr Martens first ever Motorbike boot. The 3D element of the Video was my responsibility. I modelled the boot from samples Dr Martens sent over including all of the separated elements of the boot not yet assembled. I did the scene set up, …


Childrens TV Show

Recently I have been working on a childrens TV Series. I’ve been one of the Lead 3D Artists working on the show. My responsibilities have varied through many areas of 3D throughout the experience and I’ve learned a few neat new tricks along the way. here are a few renders …


Flowers Animation

A character animation piece I’ve been working on, Character modelled in Zbrush, rigged and rendered in Maya. 


3D Print Cup 2014!

I’m entering the 3D Print Cup again this year! Last year I had a very last minute entry to the 3DPrintCup …

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 08.07.21

3D Kitchen Visualisation

Made in Maya and Vray this Kitchen was modelled and rendered to client specification. Modeled from Client blueprints.


Zbrush Sculpted Cyclops

My latest character focused on detailed sculpting in Zbrush. This character was modelled in Maya, Sculpted and painted in Zbrush, rendered in …


3D Printed Miniature Movie Lights

I was approached by a client from Cleveland USA who creates very cool looking concrete cameras and wanted some miniature movie lights …